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About us


  • This service is run by Wesleyan University varsity squash.
  • We're offering a Wesleyan University approved secure online site, primarily for parents, to order care packages for their son or daughter attending Wesleyan (although the service is open for anyone to order to a member of the Wesleyan community).
  • All proceeds go directly to help fund the Wesleyan University Varsity Squash program.
  • Wesleyan University is located in Middletown, CT and the Varsity Squash office is located in the Freeman Athletic Center.
  • Wesleyan Varsity Squash has been delivering care packages since 2007.
  • This online store is the latest version of Wesleyan care packages.
  • It is primarily run by squash Head Coach, Shona Kerr, with help from the squash teams and the University.
  • Any questions or inquiries can be directed to